Developing our Vision and Mission

What the ISDH is about

The ISDH is 13 years old and that makes us teenagers. It is time to define who we are, renegotiate our relationship with the world and find out what we want to be. Just like any teen – Only, minus the attitude!

A Shared Vision

For the ISDH this means that we are clarifying what we are about; what we want to achieve and how we should get there. The committee has agreed the first steps in this process. By working with the  membership, the ISDH continue to support people with disabilities and those who promote their oral health with a clear vision. In 2016, members shared their thoughts for the future of the ISDH at the annual conference. These suggestions have been used to start this process. Surveys will be circulated to members during 2017.

Get involved

For any non-members who feel that they have suggestions for the ISDH that can improve how we do our business, please click on the pop-up link to take our survey. This survey was designed based on members’ suggestions from last year’s summer conference. We will use your response to turn these suggestions into a list of priorities for the ISDH. We will send this list back to anyone who is happy to stay involved- for a final confirmation that we got it right.