Committee Members

Committee Members of the ISDH 

The President, immediate Past-President and President Elect hold office for one year. The Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer hold office for two years and are eligible for re-election annually to the same position as determined at the Annual General Meeting up to a maximum of five years. They may be eligible for re-election after an interval of one year.


The Current ISDH executive committee is as follows:

      President – Patrick Quinn
      Past President – Kev Mac Giolla Phadraig
      President Elect – Dani McGeown
      Honorary Secretary – Grace Kelly
      Membership Secretary – Dani McGeown
      Honorary Treasurer – Maura Cuffe
      Website Manager –  Kev Mac Giolla Phadraig
      International Representative – Dani McGeown
      Academic Advisor  Prof June Nunn
      Committee – Gill Smith
      Committee – Regina Kenny
      Committee –  Sharon McAllister
      Committee – Liz Ellard
      Committee – Catherine Waldron
       Committee – Siobhan Stapleton 

                        Committee – Emma Rattigan

                        Coopted     –  Alison Dougall (Giuideline Development)