Interesting member services developments

The ISDH recognises that there are many worthwhile projects being designed, delivered and evaluated across Ireland by those delivering services to people with disabilities. These range from formal interventions in research programmes, published in reports and studies, to service development projects and change management programmes provided locally. 

We want to find out if there is a desire to offer a webpage to showcase this type of work on a broader platform. It is hoped that this would allow those involved in these projects to showcase their good work, help those interested in this type of work to network with each other and to share resources. It would also be a good chance to give recognition and support to those working in this area.

The establishment of this type of “Research Network” demands resources and as such, the ISDH plan to carry out a scoping survey with all members to see if there is a desire for this type of resource before further development.

 Please take the time to complete this  survey whether you support this suggestion or not. There are five questions to answer and it takes 2 minutes.