Liver Disease: Winter Webinar Lecture Available Here

ISDH Winter Webinar: Liver Disease for the general dental practitioner 

This winter, ISDH will host three Webinars.

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Thank to Dr Alison Dougall and everyone who registered and attended.

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Nov 21, 2017 8:30 PM


Dr Alison Dougall, Consultant in Medically Compromised Patients, Dublin Dental University Hospital and Assistant Professor Trinity College Dublin.


LIVER disease is now the only one of Ireland’s top five killers that is showing an alarming level of increase with  liver disease rates on course to quadruple in Ireland. Experts fear the increase is linked to spiralling levels of obesity in Irish society, an increasingly fat-rich diet, heavy alcohol consumption and delays in seeking treatment. Alarmingly, the greatest level of increase is among 15-to-34-year-olds, who historically have the lowest rates of liver disease. The dental management of a person with liver disease patient requires an awareness of its impacts associated with controlling infection, bleeding, healing, pain. Consultation with the patient’s physician is usually recommended in most guidance but interpreting and risk assessing laboratory tests to determine liver function, complete blood count (CBC)-including white blood cells and platelets-and clotting ability (international normalized ratio [INR]) can be confusing. 

By the end of this session learners will

(1) recognise and understand the impact of the principal causes of liver disease in Ireland
(2) recognise physical signs associated with liver disease
(3) understand and interpret the result of special tests to aid risk assessment of dental procedures
(4) Formulate safe and appropriate dental management plans for patients with liver cirrhosis.
(5) Understand the role of the dentist for patients before and after liver transplant transplant

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