Sharing the ISDH 2020 Objectives

Hey there,

We want you to know about how we are planning the next stages of our ISDH journey.

We are well along our strategic planning process. You can see how we got to this point here.

The next stage is to develop our objectives, before moving on to our strategies and action plans.

We pride ourselves in our transparent and inclusive approach to strategic planning and with this in mind, we want you to know what our objectives are. These were developed over the last three months by the ISDH committee. So now it is time to put it out there.

Checkout our draft objectives and let us know I you have any comments or suggestions by emailing

ISDH Vision “Equal access, oral health for all”

ISDH Mission “Empowering people with special healthcare needs and those who support them to achieve oral health through advocacy, community and education.”

Our Draft Objectives


  1. To engage with key stake holders involved in relevant policy development
  2. To identify and respond to relevant policy developments in a timely manner


  1. To expand and engage a diverse ISDH community
  2. To offer a range of opportunities for members to engage across multiple media
  3. To provide and promote web-based accessible information resources for people with special healthcare needs and those who support them 


  1. To provide an annual conference for face to face learning experience for oral health professionals who support people with disabilities.
  2. To deliver an annual programme of diverse online learning experiences for oral healthcare professionals who support people with disabilities.

We want feedback on our Objectives. 

Let us know what you think by emailing us at